7 Funny Ways to Sneak Superheroes into the Movies! Awkward Situations with Sneak Food by RATATA

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Oh, these superheroes! They can do a lot – and save a cat from a tree, and protect the world! But if they don’t calculate the force, they can do a lot of damage. And this can lead to a lot of problems… For example, they may not be allowed to go to the cinema for this reason! And what to do if you still want to go to the movies, but the strict security guard is relentless? Of course, be smart! Well, a little bit to apply their superpowers:) And our heroes have more than enough wit, and even more superpowers! So they won’t be left without a movie today;)

In this video you will see how superheroes are sneak into movie and sneaking food! It will be fun!
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