Artist Liam Sharp Leaving Wonder Woman, But Not DC Comics

The creative team behind DC Comics’“Wonder Woman” will see some shakeups in the upcoming months. Just after writer Greg Rucka announced his departure with issue #25 , artist Liam Sharp let his fans know that, while he has a new project in the pipeline, he will remain at DC.

Pssst! My next project at @DCComics is in the pipeline, and I’m not straying TOO far far… but I can’t say any more than that! 😉

While the artist didn’t say what exactly he’d be working on, his hint of “not straying TOO far far” could mean that Diana Prince will be involved with the project. For instance, Wonder Woman could play a role in the Batman-centric event “Dark Knights: Metal,” with Sharp illustrating a tie-in for the event.

“Wonder Woman” was relaunched as a part of DC’s Rebirth initiative, with Sharp and Nicola Scott rotating art duties on the bi-weekly series. Sharp provided art for the primary storyline, “The Lies/The Truth” with Scott handling the “Year One” story arc. Sharp was included in the list of collaborators Rucka thanked in his “Wonder Woman” departure announcement, along with Bilquis Evely, Matthew Clark, Jodi Wynne, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Laura Martin.

DC Comics has not yet announced a new creative team for “Wonder Woman.”

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