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People are buying Black Panther tickets at a record pace, we might finally get a Black Widow movie, Thor: Ragnarok will have an amazing Blu-ray extra, and we got our first look at Tom Hardy as . So on today’s Nerdist News Talks Back we had a full Marvel rundown, along with the latest from Gillian Anderson‘s future with The X-Files, and what to expect from the return of .

Returning to her host chair today was Jessica Chobot, and she was joined by Editor-in-Chief Rachel Heine, associate editor Kyle Anderson, and Bizarre States‘ Andrew Bowser. They broke down the latest Marvel news, including how Black Panther‘s first day ticket pre-sale numbers set a record for the studio. Just how big is the hype for this movie? Is it too late for a Black Widow movie? Are we definitely buying the Thor: RagnarokRoommate Darryl extra featuring Jeff Goldblumfirst look at Tom Hardy as Venom Blu-ray now that we know it will have a as The Grandmaster? Should they include Kyle’s….uh….impression of….uh…Goldblum with it? And what do we make of the ? How many paracord bracelets are too many?

Gillian Anderson said once more she’s definitely done with The X-Files after this season, but are we surprised by this? Did last night’s much better episode ease this disappointing news? And with both her and Bryan Fuller leaving American Gods, could the two reunite for another season of Hannibal.

Riverdale is also set to make its mid-season return next week, so what do we make of the new trailer? Why should we all be watching the show? How much of Kiernan Shipka’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch do we think will come from the comics? And do we expect the shows to collide eventually?

North and South will clash when #Riverdale returns in ONE WEEK on The CW! pic.twitter.com/mQCOZ3nvZR

— Riverdale (@CW_Riverdale) January 10, 2018

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