‘Captain Marvel’: 10 Best Moments From The First Trailer

Fans finally got to see the first official Captain Marvel trailer, and it did not disappoint. In fact, there are more than 10 great moments, but we decided to focus on just the best ten from the bunch.

The new trailer shows a bit of everything, from glimpses of Carol Danvers’ childhood and time in the Air Force to her time as part of the Kree forces and her first meeting with Nick Fury, who would ultimately play a big part in her story. We also get the first footage of her in the Captain Marvel red and blue costume and even an action sequence or two along the way.

We also get new looks at Coulson, Minn-Erva, Jude Law’s mysterious character, and Maria. We didn’t catch any of Chewie in the actual footage, but thankfully she makes her presence known in the official poster, which you can take a look at here.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Captain Marvel film, the movie follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Without further ado here are our top ten favorite moments from the first Captain Marvel trailer, and make sure to let us know what your favorite moments were in the comments!

Slide Welcome To Blockbuster
(Photo: Marvel)

Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990s, which allows it to infuse plenty of nostalgic references into the movie. One of the best examples of that presents itself with the trailer’s opening moments.

Carol Danvers comes barreling down to Earth at an incredible speed and ends up slamming down through the roof of a building. When the camera pans out it turns out that the building is actually a Blockbuster Video, a chain that isn’t around much now but was massively popular a decade ago.

The best part is when she gets up inside the Blockbuster, as Marvel recreated the insides, shelves, and advertisements to a tee.

Slide SHIELD Access
(Photo: Marvel)

We then got to see Larson’s Carol Danvers rocking a SHIELD hat and being led to one of their secret facilities, but the most telling part about this sequence is not the hat.

That would be the fact that to get into this facility Danvers puts her finger on the fingerprint scanner, not Fury’s, and it gives her access. We know that something has happened to her memories, so it seems before she left she must have been working with SHIELD.

She’s worked with SHIELD in the comics, so it seems some of that will be making its way into the movie.

Slide I Need A Ride
(Photo: Marvel)

We get to see Danvers in action a bit early on in the trailer, showing that she just isn’t super strong.

In a train sequence, Danvers jumps onto the top of a bus and unleashes her energy blasts at an unknown opponent. She could also be trying to stop the vehicle in some way, but we won’t be sure until we see more of the sequence.

Regardless of purpose, it is great to see her unleashing such powerful blasts, though at this point she is still in her green and silver suit.

Slide About To Hang It Up
(Photo: Marvel)

Fans knew we would be seeing a younger Nick Fury in Captain Marvel, and his introduction here didn’t disappoint, but we also learned something rather important about the man who will become the leader of SHIELD.

Fury narrates some of the early trailer footage, and it seems to come from a conversation between him and Danvers. He says “Space Invasion. Big car chase. Truth be told, I was ready to hang it up until I met you today.”

It seems meeting Carol Danvers restored something in Fury, leading him to eventually create his own superhero team in the Avengers and saving Captain Marvel for a last resort SOS.

Slide Air Force Days
(Photo: Marvel)

During the trailer we see glimpses of Carol’s life as an Air Force Pilot, revealing bits of the memories that have been stolen from her.

In one of those snippets, we get our first in footage glimpse of Maria Rambeau, who is the mother of Monica Rambeau. It seems Maria will be the main point of reference in the MCU, but in the comics that role is Monica’s, who has gone by several names but at one point did also carry the Captain Marvel name.

Monica is one of Carol’s most trusted friends, but here it seems that will be Maria’s spot to hold.

Slide Memories Taken
(Photo: Marvel)

We’ve made mention of Carol’s wiped memories several times here, and in one scene we see how that process is carried out.

At one point in the trailer Carol being held in a device that is doing something to her brain, and she seems to be in a trance-like state during the process. She’s shackled in so it doesn’t seem like she willingly underwent the process, and at this point, she’s already wearing the green and silver.

So does that mean this was done when they first found her or do they have to redo the process every so often? Lots of questions from this scene.

Slide Punching An Old Skrull
(Photo: Marvel)

One of the trailer’s most memorable moments features Captain Marvel and an elderly woman, but not everything is as it seems.

The elderly woman is sitting on the bus when Danvers sees her. The woman smiles at Danvers but she isn’t having any of that, as she then punches her square in the face. It would seem that Danvers has a way to tell Skrulls from the people they are impersonating, and so it seems there was more to the woman than she was letting on.

Well, at least we hope that’s the case, otherwise, she just punched the lady for no reason, and that’s just mean.

Slide Young Coulson
(Photo: Marvel)

Nick Fury isn’t the only young gun we get to see, as fans will also meet a young Phil Coulson.

Coulson has become a fan favorite thanks to his turn in Marvel’s Avengers and the Agents of SHIELD series. Here though we see a more sprightly Coulson with a full head of hair, and he’s a rather new addition to SHIELD these days.

Coulson hasn’t been featured in the films since he “died” in Avengers, so even though it is a prequel we’ll be glad to see him hit the big screen once again.

Slide The Helmet Is Back
(Photo: Marvel)

We figured there would at least be a reference to Captain Marvel’s comic helmet and sash, and while we’re still waiting on the latter to appear we did get a big debut for the former.

In the trailer, we actually see the helmet twice. The first sequence is underwater, where Danvers’ mouth is covered with a breathing apparatus. You can really see that the helmet looks exactly like the comics here though, made even more apparent with the closeup later on.

In that sequence, she seems to be in space, and the helmet looks even slicker. Fans didn’t expect to see it featured so prominently, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy about it.

Slide All Roads Lead To Binary
(Photo: Marvel)

Towards the end of the trailer, we finally get to see Danvers rocking the Captain Marvel gear, but she also powers up significantly, and we can’t help but wonder about Binary.

Captain Marvel looks to be summoning a great deal of energy, though it is apparent if she’s just processing energy that was shot at her or if she’s drawing it from another source. If the latter perhaps this will pave the way for her binary form, which would probably be a tweaked version of the storyline seen in the comics.

When Danvers was Binary (thanks to the Brood), her power was essentially that of a binary star system (hence the name), and she was even more powerful than she was after she first got her powers.


Granted, we probably won’t the see the Brood involved here, but a version of her Binary persona or power-set could still make an appearance.

So that’s our list! Let us know what you thought of the trailer in the comments!



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