DC Collectibles Reveals New DC Core PVC Statues (Exclusive)

For some collectors who are primarily display oriented, comic-based toys can present a bit of a Goldilocks dilemma. Action figures may be too small and have visible articulation breaking up the design, while statues are high-priced and may inspire breakage fears. Into the “just right” gap slides DC Collectibles, with a new line of 9-inch PVC statues that feature top-notch sculpting but, at $50, won’t break the bank…or anything else if the cat happens to knock one off your shelf.

“DC Collectibles is always looking for new ways to bring our rich portfolio of DC Super Heroes and stories to life and PVC allows us to create complex, exaggerated poses we’ve never tried before,” Jim Fletcher, executive creative director of DC Collectibles, told us. “With PVC, we don’t have to worry as much about breakage since the material is more durable than resin, and we can offer these statues at a lower price point without sacrificing quality.” He’s not joking…but their first offering is!

Sculpted by David Pereira, the Joker will kickstart the line in August, followed by Batman in September, and both Wonder Woman and Batgirl in November, to give them some lead time till Christmas. That Wonder Woman, rather than someone like Superman, is the only non-Bat-family character speaks highly of her increased visibility and fan support over the past year.

And check out those bullet ricochet effects on her gauntlets!

Each statue comes on a themed base, with Wonder Woman getting her shield, Batgirl atop a smartphone, Batman on the Batsignal, and the Joker…HA!

The line is called DC Core because it centers on the most popular characters. So far it seems solidly comic-based, though the modern Batman and Wonder Woman costumes seem to take some style pointers from their movie counterparts.

Who would you like to see join the line next? Comment below and we’ll see if the DC sculptors take your feedback to heart!

Images: DC Collectibles

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