Disney Princesses As Superheroes

Reimagining Disney Princesses As Fierce Superheroes With Powers!
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We think every Disney Princess is already pretty incredible- but have you ever imagined what they might look like if they were superhero characters? No need to wonder anymore, because we have some incredible superhero reimagining in this video!

Our talented artist is switching up the vibe for these princesses so they look the part of the superheroes they really are. Thinking about it- Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel… all of these awesome female heroes have quite a bit in common with Disney Princesses. They’re fierce, fiery, strong and independent.

Mulan has always been known as a warrior, but what about the other ladies? They are definitely due for some upgrades. If Belle ditched the books, what super power would she swap it for? She’s already got the brains, we’re just here to add the look! What if Ariel stayed under the sea but had some super upgrades? She could definitely take over the ocean. Tiana is a marvel in the kitchen, but could she be in a Marvel movie as well? We think that’s a yes. Princess Anna has always glowed, but maybe her superhero self would show the burning passion in her eyes! Rapunzel may have been handy with a frying pan, but she is definitely in need of an upgrade to match her incredible persona.

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🎨 Art Created by: Catarina Silva Nunes 🎨

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Written by: Thalia GK
Narrated by: Thalia GK
Edited by: Olena L.

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