Epic Infinity War Scene Features 40 Marvel Superheroes

The Ace Comic-Con took place in Arizona over the weekend and Anthony Mackie, Chris Evans, and Sebastian Stan were on hand to discuss the MCU as well as the upcoming Infinity War. While talking about the next Avengers movie, Mackie revealed that one epic scene features nearly 40 superheroes while Chris Evans said that particular day was a lot of fun on the set. Also speaking about the MCU and Infinity War, Captain America star Chris Evans boasted that Marvel “don’t miss” when addressing the hype surrounding the epic showdown with Thanos in Infinity War and Avengers 4.

We’ve already known that Infinity War was going to feature a bunch of superheroes on the screen working together, but Anthony Mackie spoke of an epic scene that has around 40 superheroes in it. The scene in question has been teased in the first official trailer and it features the team running towards the camera. Mackie’s Falcon character is just one of the many characters briefly seen in the tease as Captain America and Black Panther lead the charge.

While speaking about the epic scene, Anthony Mackie shared a humorous story about filming. The story involves a young Tom Holland (Spider-Man) running alongside Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer), noting that Holland is the size of one of Bautista’s legs. Mackie says that he was worried for Holland’s safety in the scene after Bautista launches into a jump kick. He had this to say.

“There was one day we were on set and were doing this scene that’s in the trailer where we’re all running to battle, you know, all of us are on set and it’s like forty superheroes. I look to my right and I see Tom Holland and Dave Batista. I see them in the corner and Tom is literally the size of Dave’s leg, I don’t know what they’re talking about but Batista jumps up and does a kick-punch move and I was like ‘Yo, you’re about to kill him!'”

Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan also chimed in on the epic Avengers 3 scene, both claiming that it’s going to be a lot bigger than what we had previously imagined after seeing the first trailer for Infinity War. In addition, Evans noted how fun the day on set was after learning that Mackie was referring to Tom Holland and Dave Bautista working together. There appears to be some kind of inside joke in between the three actors, so hopefully what they’re laughing about shows up in the deleted scenes when the movie comes out on Blu-ray. Evans had this to say.

“That day was really fun, I know the day you’re talking about, that day was (snickers)… you’ll see. It was a great day with a lot of great people.”

All of the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are amazing salesmen when it comes to ramping up the excitement for Infinity War. The movie should be collapsing under the weight of its own hype by now, but the cast and crew keep finding new ways to keep fans surprised and on their toes, which is rare these days and something that the MCU obviously excels at. You can read more about the epic scene in Infinity War that features nearly 40 superheroes via Cinema Blend.



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