Every Stan Lee Marvel cameo

Costumed superheroes eager to battle for what’s right. Fight sequences that level entire cities. Pithy one-liners. You could say they’re the three defining characteristics of a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie or TV show. Those hallmarks are important, sure, but there’s something else that fans seek out. Aside from the obligatory post-credits scenes, that is. I’m talking about the cameo appearance of a certain figure in the Marvel community, writer Stan Lee. 

With his massive sunglasses and cheeky grin, the 94-year-old is responsible for crafting dozens of well-known superheroes including Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The Hulk. So it’s no wonder Stan’s appearances are so celebrated. The mere mention of an upcoming cameo sparks excitement amidst the true believers, as he might call them, who love nothing more than hunting down the best easter egg of the lot. Lucky for you, I’ve got them all right here. 



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