Funko Marvel Exclusives For SDCC 2017

Funko has released their latest batch of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, with a number of new Marvel Pop! figures in the line-up. Though comic conventions have been popping up all over the world lately, the industry standard is still the event in San Diego held every summer. Not only is it the best place to learn about new comics and meet creators, but it’s a chance for genre movies and TV shows to show off footage and provide fans with exclusive looks at upcoming projects. And along with all the insight, there’s also plenty of fun merchandise on sale.

For a while now, Funko have been using Comic-Con to create exclusive figures for their various toy lines. Most popular among them are their Pop! vinyls, but they’ve got a variety of different styles for fans to choose from. While virtually every new film and show, and even people get the Funko treatment these days—like Kingsman or James Gunn—comics provide plenty of inspiration still. With Comic-Con just a month away, Funko are slowly releasing images of the exclusive figures they’ll have on sale at the event. Now, along with the recent reveal of new Star Wars figures, they’ve added some new Marvel characters to their line-up.

Funko just released their third wave of SDCC figures for this year, this time focusing on Marvel Comics characters. Included in the collection are Red She-Hulk, the Bucky Barnes iteration of Captain America, and a new Tony Stark figure inspired by Spider-Man: Homecoming. Check them out in the gallery below:

The line-up also includes two new Gwenpool figures. She’s previously been given the Funko treatment, but her popularity means variations will keep coming. The Pop! figure features the anti-hero with a selfie stick, while her other inclusion is from Funko’s Rock Candy line.

Tony Stark and Iron Man also have a number of figures, but this new one shows the character in his Homecoming get-up holding his helmet. As for Bucky, this is his first Funko in his Captain America stage. Following the death of Steve Rogers (one of many), Bucky took over as Cap and donned a variation on the classic costume. Now, fans can enjoy it in adorable Funko form.

Red She-Hulk, meanwhile, is the one new addition. Not to be confused with Red Hulk or She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk is actually Bruce Banner’s former love Betty Ross. She also happens to be the daughter of Thunderbolt Ross, the man who becomes Red Hulk. She’s a relatively new comic character, but fans of the Hulk extended family will be eager to nab the new vinyl.

The coming weeks will likely bring more exclusives from Funko and Comic-Con, so stay tuned for all the latest.

San Diego Comic-Con takes place from July 20–23 this year in San Diego, CA.

Source: Funko

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