JUL Roast | Are Superhero TV Shows Over hyped? | The “N” Word | The Flash | Bautista Wrestling again


1. MrDustKicka has returned with another roast video – This time, of the entire JUL!! We React to it!
2. We review if very hero tv programs are just simple overrated! Everybody asks you to just “provide it a possibility” yet no person intends to hear you call a television show trash.
3. When (if ever before) is it “appropriate” to use the “N” word? if so, that can use it?
4. The Flash standalone movie has actually been pushed back as a result of time restraints and also scheduling disputes. Has the destiny of Batman been secured by accident?
5. Bautista has actually been detected on Smack Down 1000. Does this mean he is returning to the ring amidst his Hollywood dispute to support James Gunn?
6. Take pleasure in the stream!

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