Kevin Feige Discusses Marvel/DC Rivalry, Praises Wonder Woman

Following the success of Wonder Woman, talent from both Marvel Studios and DC Films took to Twitter to praise the project and director Patty Jenkins on its massive success. In a recent Facebook live interview with AlloCiné, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige addressed the supposed rivalry between Marvel and DC and explained how the success of a film such as Wonder Woman will impact superhero films going forward.

According to Feige, there isn’t really a rivalry between Marvel and DC. In fact, Feige is quick to say most of the supposed rivalry hails from the press. “There’s not really a rivalry. The rivalry is much more amongst the press, I think,” he shared. “Geoff Johns is a very good friend of mine. We grew up together in the business and recently celebrated Richard Donner, who we both used to work for. So, I applaud all the success he’s had. I really just look at it as a fan. When the movies perform well and are well received, it’s good for us – which is why I’m always rooting for them.”

Although two entirely divisions, each with their own plans and strategies, Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment are both headed by two fans who grew up together and want to see the genre succeed in general. That’s perhaps why Feige is also thrilled about the success of Wonder Woman, the first DC Extended Universe film to both be a critical and box office smash. When asked to comment on the success of the film and what it means for the genre going forward, Feige noted that it was wonderful and also helped to debunk a falsehood that was created following the failure of films such as Catwoman and Elektra.

“The success of Wonder Woman is wonderful. It makes us incredibly happy. Finally, we can put to rest the falsehood that audiences don’t want to see female characters,” Feige said. “We never believed that was true. There were a run of movies that just weren’t very good 10-15 years ago that caused that reputation. I’m glad that Wonder Woman has blown that away.”

Following the teaser trailer for Black Panther, which managed to take in an 89 million views within twenty-four hours, many fans are beyond ready to see Marvel Studios add more diverse films to their line-up. Thankfully, filming on Captain Marvel — which will be the studio’s first female-led film with star Brie Larson as the titular hero — is set to enter production soon for a 2019 release date.

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