Marvel Event Pitts Marvel Universe Against a “Venomized” Thanos

The Marvel Universe is in for a tough fight in Marvel’s latest event, Venomized, which will see Spider-Man, the Avengers and more fighting off an invasion of aliens bonded with the Venom symbiote. Leading the way for the aliens is an alternate universe version of Thanos. The event will serve as the conclusion to a story that began in 2017’s Venomverse.

Soon after giving the original Venom, Eddie Brock, his own series again, Marvel launched Edge of Venomverse, a miniseries starring Venom that focused on “Venomizing” some of Marvel’s most popular heroes, including Captain America, Wolverine, and Rocket Raccoon. A spin-off series, Venomverse, was released later in the year, followed by the announcement of the Spider-Man/Venom crossover “Venom Inc.” Beginning this month, Venom will venture into space with the X-Men for the next chapter in the story, “Poison X”.

Marvel will conclude the story that began in Venomverse with Venomized, a five-issue miniseries written by Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello. An issue will be released every week in April. The story will take place immediately after the events of “Poison X.”

Venomized Marvel Comics event cover New Marvel Event Pitts Marvel Universe Against a Venomized Thanos

In Venomverse, Venom encountered a crystalline alien species known as the Poisons. After coming in contact with an alternate universe version of Doctor Strange who had bonded with the symbiote, they discovered that they could assimilate the hosts and their symbiotes to become incredibly powerful. Venom defeated them in an alternate reality and will face off against them again in “Poison X,” this time on another planet. Venomized, on the other hand, will bring the threat into the heart of the Marvel Universe. The Poisons’ plan is to consume every superhero on Earth.

Unfortunately, Venom and the X-Men will be in space at the time of the Poisons’ arrival, meaning that Earth’s heroes could be taken by surprise. What makes matters worse is that the leader of the Poison invasion is a “Venomized” version of Thanos, a character that was briefly introduced in Venomverse.

Cover art for the first issue shows Venom, Iron Man, Thor (Jane Foster), Spider-Man, Captain America and the Champions struggling to fight off the symbiotes. The miniseries will debut just in time for Venom’s 30th anniversary in May, which Marvel is celebrating with a “Web of Venom” map, along with other surprises that are expected to be revealed in the coming months.

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Venomized #1 will release on April 4th.

Source: Comic Book

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