Marvel Legends Deadpool Series Released Overseas!

Although 2018 kicked off with the surprisingly outstanding Marvel Legends Black Panther series, it’s otherwise been a bit of a slow start for Marvel Legends 2018. We won’t see most of this year’s new figures revealed until New York Toy Fair 2018 next month, and we’re still waiting for the Lizard and Sasquatch series to go up for order domestically. But internationally, the Marvel Legends Deadpool series was just released this week—including a mass-release X-Force Deadpool Hasbro hasn’t officially announced yet!

We officially found out about the Deadpool Legends series of 6” figures way way back in July 2017 at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, and it’s been a long half-year of slow reveals for the wave, but finally, all of Hasbro’s cards are on the table!

It was mentioned at NYCC 2017 that we’d likely be seeing the previously Hascon Exclusive X-Force Deadpool again, and Hasbro was true to their word: as rumored, Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool gets a mass release as part of this series!

Now, to be fair, this isn’t quite the same figure as the one that was got at HasCon.  This time out, the Marvel Legends Deadpool X-Force variant figure has thicker ankle bands and wrist bands, as well as a different and more limited batch of accessories.

I got my own HasCon X-Force Deadpool and reviewed it back in September, and I’m quite happy with the quality of the figure. But for those who didn’t get that variant and don’t want to spend several times as much for it, this mass release ML Deadpool X-Force is a pretty spectacular consolation prize.

The photos leaking out into Facebook from the Phillipines and Bangladesh also confirm a few other things about the series, including that the red “normal” Deadpool figure is the one double-packed figure in the case and comes without a Sasquatch Build-A-Figire.

With the huge accessories assortments that the X-Men Legends Deadpool and the HasCon X-Force iteration came with, it’s more than a little sad to see that the classic Deadpool in this series comes with no accessories beyond a pair of katana swords. Alas.

The Marvel Legends Domino and Cable figures in the wave look all-out awesome, with the only real weaknesses I can see with either figure being Domino’s lack of a biceps swivel and purple weapons lacking paint deco.

With both these iconic X-Force characters being packed at one-per-case, it seems like an almost “sure thing” that these will be the hottest figures from the wave and the hardest to find in stores. Let’s hope we get straight cases of both available to online retailers!

The remaining three figures in the wave are the previously-announced Marvel Legends X-Force X-23, Deathlok and Paladin figures (all of which are one-per-case).

The Deadpool Marvel Legends Sasquatch series should be up for order online sometime in the next few weeks, and I’ll post updates here and to the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages once they’re available in the United States. I’ll also be reporting love from Manhattan during New York Toy Fair 2018 next month, so stay tuned for copious amounts of Marvel Legends 2018 news in the coming weeks.

Now that the series is officially out in the wild (at least, somewhere in the world!), what are your present feelings on the Marvel Legends Sasquatch BAF series? What figures from this wave are on your shipping list, and how do you feel about a slightly different version of the HasCon Exclusive variant being included as part of this assortment?

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