Marvel Legends Movie Vision! Mandarin! Pepper Potts!

I’m on the floor at New York Toy Fair 2018, so I can’t do my usual exhaustive write up on these latest Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals just yet. Make sure you’re following the Marvel Toy News Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram pages where I’ll be posting photos throughout the day! But in the meantime—images of the new 10 Years of Marvel Studios Marvel Legends Vision/Scarlet Witch and Hot Rod Iron Man/Mandarin/Pepper Potts figures have now hit the net!

As rumored, the MCU Vision and Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends 6” pack is now confirmed to be a Toys R Us exclusive (which you can tell by the Toys R Us sticker on the box, obviously). 

The Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch figure looks like a 100% repaint, but that’s fine since she was never readily available to begin with and has gotten rather expensive on the aftermarket. 

I was hoping we would finally get that long-demanded Marvel Legends Mandarin movie figure, so even if it’s been a half-decade wait, I’m just glad he’s finally coming home. And hey—Pepper Potts! Whodathunkit, right?

I’m about to go visit Mezco Toyz and their Marvel ONE:12 Collective display, so I’ll circle back later to talk about these new ML multipacks once I’m off the floor at Toy Fair for a bit. Most of my early coverage will be on social media this year, though, so again: the Marvel Toy News Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are your friends! ?

But for now, why don’t you dear readers talk about them for me? What do you think of the first 2018 Toy Fair Marvel Legends reveals, Marvel collectors? Leave a reply and share your thoughts with the rest of the Marvel collecting community!

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