Marvel Reveals Possible Reason Wolverine Wears Yellow and Blue

SPOILERS for Return of Wolverine #1 by Charles Soule, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, and Laura Martin follow.

In this issue, Wolverine emerges from a laboratory and discovers an encampment being razed by Soteira soldiers. He heads to the encampment and fights some of the soldiers, but a bullet to the skull puts him down for a while.

When he wakes up, he with a woman from the encampment. She claims that she and the others in the encampment were forced to work for Soteira. She says they took her son and so she encourages Wolverine to remember the man that he was so that he can track down her son down.

To help remind him, she tells Wolverine a story of when she first encountered him. A man had built himself some kind of makeshift exo-armor with mounted weapons attack a hospital. Wolverine arrived and rather than sneaking up on the man in the armor, he ran straight towards him in plain sight, allowing the man to shoot at him.

The woman theorizes that the reason Wolverine wears yellow and blue is to make sure he can be spotted in his bright colors by the bad guys. By drawing their attention to him, it helps to keep the innocent civilians nearby safe.

As the woman says, this is just her theory as to why Wolverine wears those colors. Since Wolverine has lost his memories he is in no position to correct her. But it is a solid theory that has played out with other characters before. Batman put a bright yellow logo on his chest so that criminals would aim for the most heavily-armored part of his suit. Robin wore red, green, and yellow to distract and draw the attention of enemies in a fight so that Batman could better sneak up on them. Given that Wolverine is nearly unkillable, the explanation makes even more sense when applied to him.

Keep in mind that we’re seeing all this from Logan’s perspective and he is not a reliable narrator at this time. It is possible that this woman is a figment of his imagination implanted by Soteira and making this entire story up. There’s not telling until more issues of Return of Wolverine have been released.


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Return of Wolverine #1 is on sale now.



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