Meet Captain Marvel, The Most Powerful Superhero in Avengers 4

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead

Thanos is a powerful powerful Giant and people who watched Avengers Infinity war might have realised that he is hard to kill, now more than ever given the fact that he got all his six stones. So if no avenger including the mightiest Hulk can stand a chance to beat him alone, what’s going to happen? Maybe you’d say they will defeat him together as a team! Well, even that’s harder given the terms on how Infinity War ended. But when all of us poor beings were sobbing at the end of the movie and waited for the post-credit scene we noticed something.
We noticed Nick Fury calling in “CODE RED”.

Well, Captain Marvel is Code red. She could be the strongest avenger in MCU making her more powerful than Thor and even Hulk. So in case you are wondering what are the powers she has got, here’s the list:

1. Seventh Sense

Captain Marvel has an ability to sense danger not when its happening but even before it would happen. Giving her a high ground in every fight. So, if Thanos tries to surprise her in a coffee shop, she might have already ordered two lattes.

2. Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic Awareness is the ability to know what’s happening in the entire cosmos. Along with her ability to sense danger before happening Captain Marvel also the power of cosmic awareness.

3. Insanely Powerful Energy Blasts

Captain Marvel shoots photon blasts made of cosmic energy which is hard to dodge and harder to take, these blasts are way more powerful than the repulsor and uni-beam blasts that Iron Man shoots.

4. She can go Binary

This is similar to Goku turning into a Super Saiyan. When Captain Marvel goes binary she’s on the peak of her power and is the last person anyone would want to fight.

5. Skilled in Combat

She is dangerous even without her superpowers. She is a skilled pilot as well as a skilled fighter and can stand many of the bad guys just by being herself and not going into the Captain Marvel mode.

6. Can Survive in Space and Vacuum

Looks like she gets more and more powerful as you keep on scrolling! Well Captain Marvel can survive in space however she cannot use her powers but she can go binary for some time and combat in space.

7. Can Survive in Quantum Realm

Quantum realm was first shown in Ant-Man (2015). It is an alternate dimension which can be only accessed by magical energy, mystical transportation or by extreme subatomic shrinking. Quantum Realm might hold a key importance in Avengers IV

Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson is going to play the lead role in Captain Marvel which is set to release in March 2019. Let’s hope it succeeds to surprise us just how every other Marvel movie does.

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