Michelle Obama shows ‘Black Panther’ some love on Twitter

Michelle Obama loves 'Black Panther.'
Image: Getty Images for Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Michelle Obama is constantly reminding us how lucky we were when she was first lady. Recently, she helped unveil a stunning, groundbreaking portrait, then she won Valentine’s Day. Now she’s showing love to our latest obsession, Black Panther

Yep, like the many Americans who contributed to Black Panther‘s epic $201.8 million opening weekend, Michelle Obama was enthralled by Ryan Coogler’s film. 

She isn’t the only celebrity fan who was blown away. Everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Chance tweeted about how much they loved it. 

NBA star Victor Oladipo loved the movie so much, he wore a Black Panther mask during the slam dunk contest Saturday in Los Angeles. So, yeah, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, follow Michelle Obama’s lead and buy a ticket. 

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