Silver and Black Marvel Villains Revealed

An extensive list of Marvel Comics supervillains has been confirmed for Sony’s upcoming Silver & Black, possibly hinting at connections to the MCU. With Spider-Man: Homecoming now out, a number of new villains have been added to the MCU. And over the next few years, even more of Spidey’s rogues are likely to get a big screen adaptation thanks to Sony moving forward with a number of spinoff films. Whether the two worlds will cross, however, is up in the air as the latest word from producer Amy Pascal is they exist in separate but similar worlds.

Besides Venom, Sony’s Silver & Black will be one of the first of the studio’s spinoff films to hit. With a director attached and filming expected to begin this fall, all that’s left is for a cast and synopsis to materialize. We’ve got some ideas a to who should play Silver Sable and Black Cat, but it’s anybody’s guess at this point. As for what the film will be about, we may have a better idea now thanks to the reveal of the film’s numerous villains.

That Hashtag Show are reporting that Silver & Black will feature a bevy of villains from the pages of Marvel Comics. Chief among them will be Mendel Stromm, a geneticist and inventor who dates back to 1966 in Spider-Man comics. Thanks to his specialties, he eventually becomes the cyborg supervillain Gaunt. It also appears his experiments will affect the Symkarian people, of which Silver Sable is one. Stromm won’t be alone, either, as he’ll have a number of contacts and minions who will be giving the titular anti-heroes a hard time.

Mendel Stromm Scorpion and Tarantula Silver and Black’s Marvel Villains Revealed!

According to the report, Tarantula and Scorpion will both be enforcers working for Stromm. They’ll even be made to resemble their comic book counterparts thanks to Stromm outfitting them with exoskeletons — including one with a tail for Scorpion. What’s unknown at this point is whether Michael Mando will be reprising his role as Mac Gargan from Homecoming. If he does, it will finally prove the MCU and Sony’s spinoffs are connected. If he doesn’t, it could be Sony are going with an alternate take on the Scorpion.

Along with the two arachnids, Silver and Black will face crime boss Tombstone in the movie. Apparently, he will resemble his character from the comics, down to his pointed teeth and ultra-durable skin. The Chameleon will also appear at one point as an informant of Stromm’s, so hopefully we’ll see his signature disguise skills.

All told, this report lines up with a previous one from two months ago. While that featured a lot more characters, even the ones named in this list are a lot. Still, as Homecoming proved, it’s possible to include a number of villains without things feeling forced.

It’s also interesting to note that Chameleon, Scorpion, and Tombstone were villains we thought had a chance of appearing in Homecoming‘s sequel, so perhaps the two worlds will be even more connected. Hopefully, we’ll know more about Silver & Black soon.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

Key Release Dates

  • Venom release date: Oct 5, 2018

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