SUPERHERO MOVIE | Cartoons For Kids | Eena Meena Deeka | Comedy Compilation

Eena, Meena and Deeka go out to see a motion picture in a theater when Foxie comes there slipping up to them and also goes into the theater by fooling the protection guard. Eena Meena and Deeka pop out of the screen and Foxie adheres to.

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Eena Meena Deeka- http://bit.ly/2jZHcF5

Tik Tak Tail – https://bit.ly/2v1mSFe

Concerning the show:
EMD is the tale of a consistent chase between a shrewd hungry fox, Foxie, and three chicks Eena, Meena, Deeka. Meet the brain of the household Eena, the charm of the family members Meena and the energy of the household Deeka The fox is forever on the prowl of the chicks and the chicks are constantly prepared to hinder his plans.

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