Superheroes Who Died In 2019 So Far

The 2018 superhero body matter went over, and also 2019’s butcher’s expense assures to pile at the very least as high. In 2015, the category really did not really offer us remarkable numbers till the launch of Avengers: Infinity War. The ranks of the capes have already been seriously thinned in 2019.

Warning: Spoilers in advance!

Appearing in 2016’s Suicide Squad # 3, the bizarre Cosmonut was a participant of Russia’s Annihilation Brigade. The Brigade attempted as well as failed to quit the Squad from escaping after they got into a below ground prison. But in Suicide Squad # 50, Cosmonut sacrificed himself for his old adversaries.

In an uncharacteristic relocation, Cosmonut saved his old opponents by holding off Waller. Quinn and Flag eventually handled to discover the rest of the Squad and recover Waller to her old kind, but not in time to save Cosmonut.

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Cosmonut (Suicide Squad # 50) January 16, 2019|0:17
David Dunn, a.k.a. The Overseer (Glass) January 18, 2019|0:58
Painkiller/Khalil Payne (Black Lightning) January 28, 2019|1:42
Blindfold (Uncanny X-Men # 11) February 6, 2019|2:26
Loa (Uncanny X-Men # 11) February 6, 2019|3:10
Sage (The Gifted) February 11, 2019|3:47
Gotham (Batman # 65) February 20, 2019|4:26
Solid Guy (Uncanny X-Men # 12) February 20, 2019|4:58
Reed Strucker (The Gifted) February 26, 2019|5:33
Warpath (X-Force # 4) March 13, 2019|6:10
Youngster Loki (Asgardians of the Galaxy # 7) March 13, 2019|6:51
Loki (War of the Realms # 1) April 3, 2019|7:35
Black Widow (Avengers: Endgame) April 26, 2019|8:12
Iron Man (Avengers: Endgame) April 26, 2019|8:56

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