These Are the 2018 Emojis: Redheads, Superheroes, Science and Feet

What to Know

  • This year’s emoji batch brings a wide variety of hair colors and styles, including red hair, curly hair, white hair and no hair at all

  • There’s also superheros, science-themed emojis and various new foods, animals and random objects, including a compass and fire extinguisher

  • Although Emojipedia has released sample images of the new emojis, the new emojis won’t hit phones until August or September

This year’s new emojis have been revealed, and they’re showing love to a variety of yet-represented hairstyles, as well as superheroes, human limbs, and science, among other animals, foods and random everyday objects.

Unicode Consortium – the nonprofit organization that approves new emojis – announced in a blog post Wednesday that Emoji 11.0 has been finalized.

While Emojipedia has released sample images of the 157 new emojis, don’t expect to see them on your phone until sometime in August or September. Vendors like Apple, Facebook and Google still have to redesign them to fit their respective emoji styles.

Check out the new emojis from Emojipedia: 

New hairdos are the most striking addition to the emoji universe with this year’s release. People with red hair, curly hair, white hair, and no hair will now be portrayed.

There’s also a sizable batch of superheroes and supervillains coming in all shades and colors. Detached legs and feet have made their way into the new bunch as well, along with a generic bone and tooth.

Science-themed emojis are another noticeable addition. There’s a lab coat and a pair of goggles, as well as a microbe, DNA strand, petri dish, magnet, test tube, and infinity symbol.

Hot and cold emotions are now symbolized with a sweltering “hot face” and a an icy “cold face.” There’s also a “partying face,” “pleading face,” and widely applicable “woozy face.”

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The emoji animal kingdom is expanding as well, with additions like the raccoon, llama, rhino, kangaroo, swan, peacock, parrot and lobster. Not to mention the oh-so ubiquitous mosquito.

And say “hello” to the mango, perhaps the most anticipated emoji food since the avocado in 2016. A leafy greens emoji has arrived for the health conscious, as well as the bagel, cupcake and mooncake.

The hygienically conscious are also getting a nod in 2018 with the introduction of the broom, toilet paper, soap and sponge.

Among the random objects making their way into the 2018 release: a pile of bricks, a skateboard, a stick of dynamite, a teddy bear, and a receipt. Perhaps most random of them all is the nazar amulet, a charm believed to protect against the evil eye.

Thinking of submitting your own emoji for 2019? You can submit your proposal here before the end of March 2018.



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