Top 10 Superheroes Who Annoy Cyclops The Most

Leading 10 Superheroes Who Annoy Cyclops The Most
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Cyclops also known as Scott Summers is arguably one of the most hated X-Men personalities, yet, is also among one of the most famous participants on the superhero group. He’s one of the original X-Men, usually thought about ‘the first X-Man’, he’s led the group, prospered his advisor, and has been a much required ethical compass sometimes, regardless of, y’ recognize, pulling some unusual crap with Jean Grey in their charming legend every now and then. But in the last few years, the personality has withstood several weaves, a few of which have actually left followers perplexed and full of nuisance, while others feel it’s been a truly fascinating study his personality’s intricacies. No matter the hate he’s obtained from both readers and characters within the Marvel world alike, it’s often a common feeling (with the characters, we ain’t getting too meta here today, good friends). We’re counting down our picks for the top 10 superheroes who frustrate Cyclops the many.

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