Valentine Spoon Superheroes

Today’s Valentine Spoon Superheroes Kid Craft is pure crime-fighting fun for the upcoming “lovestruck” holiday.

We really didn’t do anything too special to the wooden craft spoons themselves BUT the end result turned out pretty awesome anyways. PLUS this is a great craft for those crime fighting boys in your life to get involved with since superheroes are the “thing” right now and Valentine’s Day tends to be “girly.”

So what are you waiting for? Grab your capes and craft supplies & get to work on crafting up these SUPERHEROES today! Happy crafting and fighting crime this upcoming Valentine’s Day, my friends!!!


* Wooden Craft Spoons {affiliate link}
* Valentine’s Day Scrapbook Paper/Cardstock
* Glue
* Scissors
* Wiggle Eyes
* Black Sharpie
optional – paint, paint brushes, other embellishments


* First {if they like} have children paint their wooden spoons however they like!
* While they are working on that – cut out some triangles from your paper for the capes and a small rectangle for the masks.
* To finish off the Valentine Spoon Superheroes– simply glue the wooden piece to the “cape” and add on the mask as well with some eyes & a mouth. Then add other embellishments you see fit {like glitter, rhinestones etc} To display add magnets to the back or hot glue some string for easy hanging!

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