Will This Change How People Buy Comic Books?

Diamond Comic Distributors, the primary distributor of comics in the North American marketplace, has announced a new system to simplify the pre-ordering and purchase of comic books in stores for customers unfamiliar with (admittedly complicated) market traditions.

The system, based around new cloud-based software called Pullbox, will allow customers to manage advance orders online, with access to searchable catalogs for upcoming releases and the ability to create shopping lists, wish lists and manage standing orders within the system. Those lists will then synch with the customer’s chosen physical comic shop, which will then have copies of the desired material onhand within a set period.

Pullbox will be released with additional functionality for comic book stores, including allowing retailers to set their own ordering requirements and guidelines, allowing retailers to approve or deny new Pullbox customers, and synching Pullbox orders with offline orders and existing online systems and POS software.

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