Captain America vs 500,000 SuperHero Kids Epic Battle w The Flash, Ironman Batman Pink Power Ranger

What is the secret tool that will defeat the despiteful smoke monster and also treat the superheroes from the upset brows? Discover in Captain America vs 500,000 SuperHero Kids epic fight! Component 1 of the story right here https://youtu.be/RB-rs0swch0 Subscribe here http://bit.ly/2m6K8Lj Thank you a lot to all of the Superheroes that helped make this video take place!
View behind the scenes from this event right here:
Annie’s vlog https://youtu.be/4OXttBHQbII
Jojo’s vlog https://youtu.be/mdjMeC2grzc?t=10m20s

The Amazing Super Stars in this video clip:
Abby Lichnovsky, Photographer
Adaya Lichnovsky, Supergirl
Allie Lichnovsky, Rey
Andrew Tatum, Deadpool https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIun …
Annie Cole, Batgirl https://youtu.be/4OXttBHQbII
Camden Carl, Superhero
ChaCha Munoz, Black Widow
Charis Lichnovsky, Bumblebee
Charlie Douglas, The Flash
Fate Munoz, Pink Power Ranger
George Schoeneberg, Nightwing
Isaac Rosilez, The Flash
Isak Tufic, Incredibles Dash
Jack Hinrichson, Batman
Jack P, Superhero
Jojo Battise, Wonder Woman https://youtu.be/mdjMeC2grzc?t=10m20s
Jamen Battise, Black Panther
Johnny Seberino, Falcon
Jonas Prince, Ironman
Keeley Begeman, Pink Batgirl
Lane King, Captain America
Leo B, Superhero https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2uY …
Leonardo Alanis, Spiderman
Max Cole, Wolverine
Maya B, Superhero
Michael Hayes, Batman
Sarah Davidson, Harley Quinn
Scott Davidson, Superman
Timothy Rosilez, Star Lord
True, Black Panther
Winston Tatum, Antman
Xavier Munoz, Superboy

In recentlies video we discovered what happens when you blend a real-time tweet with hate comments in the amusing science laboratory! Dr Professor wishes to destroy all of the superheroes as well as take control of the globe so she created an Evil Smoke Monster that filled up all of the superhero kids with hate! Ironman, Supergirl, The Flash, Batgirl, Kid Deadpool, Batman, Superman, Cleaning Lady, Thor, Wolverine, they’re all infected! Captain America is the last superhero left, it depends on him to battle the smoke monster haters! We need you SuperHeroKids out there to aid us beat these haters and also transform them back to the great superheroes they are mail letters and drawings to our head office, leave a thumbs up, leave a wonderful comment!

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