Redrawing My Childhood Superheroes for an ART BATTLE! (Ft. Ben Mellinger Art)

Here’s the link to Ben’s half of the video! Go check it out: https://youtu.be/6CmvtvbNkQQ

If you want to get in on this art battle and draw your own superhero team facing off against mine, you can download the art from this video at the link below!
Remember to post yours on instagram with the hashtag: #ArtBattlePopCross

In this episode, I’m teaming up with (or I guess facing off against) Ben Mellinger of Ben Mellinger Art! Channel Linked Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxcIbecCNuCeSCscc4kWdWQ

We’re both drawing our own well-balanced teams of superheroes to face off in an Art Battle. I decided to take a bunch of my old original characters from across my life and redesign them and redraw them into a scrappy, but well-formed team of superheroes! I’ve got characters from Multiverse Tales, characters from my early childhood and some in between! Including Dragonoid! A dragon transforming hero who I had to add because I’m currently addicted to drawing dragons 😛

Super excited to see what you all make for your awesome super-teams! Oh, and I did this like a Lore and Speedpaint episode in the sense that I told the stories of how all these characters got their starts as superheroes and how they all met during an event of mine that I never turned into a book called ‘The Multiverse War.’

PopCross Community Redraw Submissions can be sent to either of the following:
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/p7NhMXm (in the Characters-For-Pop Channel)
EMAIL: popcrossanimations@gmail.com

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